Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good News!

I have two bits of good news today, writerly friends.

First, I must announce that I've taken the plunge into the murky waters of self-publishing.

Mind you, when it comes to my long fiction (I have a handful of novels at various stages of completion), I still have my heart set on the traditional publishing model. That means, I very much want to attract a good literary agent.

When it comes to short fiction, I've published five speculative fiction yarns with various zines and e-zines. In fact, one story is in an anthology book in print, which means I can hold the anthology in my hands. Because I'm a tad old-fashioned, that was a very rewarding accomplishment.

One of my favorite science fiction tales, HORROR MUSEUM has been close to being accepted by one zine or another a few times, but ultimately remained unpublished. So, I decided to publish it myself. It's available now on Amazon for the Kindle. You can download your own copy by following the link up above.

Here's a little description: Mild-mannered museum administrative assistant, Mina Yan, is about to discover that hiring someone new can be a killer undertaking.

This short, science fiction yarn proves that sometimes monsters hide in plain sight.

Because choosing the self-publishing route is an experiment for me, I decided to use a pseudonym. I published HORROR MUSEUM under the name of the story's protagonist, Mina Yan.

You're probably wondering how this adventure has been going thus far. Well, I'll tell you. HORROR MUSEUM has been live for 13 days and it has been downloaded over 45 times!  

I did promise a second bit of good news, so here it comes. Another of my short stories, THE MIDWIFE has been accepted for publication. I'll have the details for you soon. I'd describe it as a Gothic tale. It involves a coastal estate, a curse and a monstrous Sasquatch!

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