Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Downloaded 104 times

Who has been downloaded 104 times? I have been downloaded 104 times! Or rather, my lightly chilling short story HORROR MUSEUM, now available on Amazon for the Kindle (and the Kindle app on your computer or smart phone) has been chosen by people all over the world, now including India, Italy and Japan! Hai!

Get a copy of your own by following this link.

Though originally published under the pseudonym Mina Yan (the story's main character), you will now find HORROR MUSEUM in my name. That means I was also able to create a Amazon Author Central page! Look at the awesomeness!

When you check out my Author page, you will notice HORROR MUSEUM isn't my only offering. My short story GRAND-MONSTER is also available as a part of the fabulous anthology, titled FUTURE IMPERFECT: Best of Wily Writers, vol. 2. This is a really great compilation of science fiction. Its a true honor to find a home among the other authors inside the book.

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