Thursday, November 14, 2013

Allegory - "Volume 22/49"

Honorable Mentions

Allegory deals with submissions in the way that, as far as I know, remains fairly unique in the publishing world. Each story is individually reviewed and, if considered publishable, is placed in our "Maybe" pile. At the end of each submission period, these "Maybes" are reviewed, and the best eight chosen to appear in the next issue. This final cut is made on the basis of issue balance, and does NOT reflect the overall quality of these stories.

That said, here - in no particular order - are the "Maybes" who just missed publication in Allegory. Each one is a fine tale that we would have been proud to publish. Remember these names, friends and fellows. You'll be hearing from them in the future. I guarantee it!

A Strike at the Heart of the Cannon Lord by Steven Peck
Sphere of Influence by Sean MacKendrick
A Good Thing by Anna Sones
The Song of the Beetles by Sheryl Normandeau
Sorry, Wrong Planet by Chris Bolay
Professor Paranormal's Definitive Guide for Ghost Hunters by Antoinette McCormcick
Perfection's Failure by Craig Meinhart
A Father's Blessing by Jim Lee
Milk Opal by Richard Wolkomir
There She Stands by Nathaniel W. Phillips
Always His Treasure and Pride by Nicole Bills
The Good Fairy by Ed Ahern
Waveson by Diana Rohlman
Waste Not, Want Not by Adam Stehly
The Chosen One by Huston Lowell
Two Drifters by Carly Berg
The League of Lame Superheroes by James Aquilone
The Artist by Sasha McBrayer
Zombie Talk by William Rayst
Lightning Flashed by Adam Gaylord
First In, First Out by Matt West
The Only Safe Place by Toby Vaughn
The Evening of the Mule by Andrew Hook
He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear by Michael Haynes
Fresh Dirt by Jason Bougger
Time of the Loom by Corinna Rogers
Tired Voices by Joseph E. Hulme