Short Stories


"The Artist" (reprint) - Tributaries: An Anthology of the Savannah Writers group, *pending*

 --A third grade girl’s remarkable gift turns sinister.

"Snakebit" - 9Tales From Elsewhere, SEP 2016

 --Agent Scott Perseus doggedly pursues the female serial killer known as The Medusa Killer as she leads him on a merry chase through the deep South.


"Frost Bite" - The Were-Traveler, 2014

 --Perishing during this plane crash in the frozen north is more fortunate than surviving it.


 "The Midwife" - Bloodbond, 2014

 --A monster plagues the inhabitants of a rural town.


"Horror Museum" - Amazon Kindle, 2013  

--Hiring a new museum historian can be murder.


 "Genesis" - Infective Ink, 2012

 --A clairvoyant boy and empath girl navigate Southern antebellum prejudice.


"Grand Monster" - Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers, Vol.2, 2011


"The Artist" - Title Goes Here, 2011

 --Case #24601: A 3rd grade girl’s remarkable gift turns sinister.


"Grand Monster" - Wily Writers Audible Fiction, 2010 

 --Grandparents often inspire reverent respect; this Kentucky grandmother inspires fear.


"Soulless" - Silverthought, 2009 

 --A robot and a werewolf walk into a waiting room…they are there for their soul implants.


"The Phoenix Crossroads" - Silverthought, 2009

 --The mysterious Phoenix Pit may just forever change the course of two unhappy lives.


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