Saturday, May 17, 2014

THE MIDWIFE Appearing Now In "Bloodbond"

Vevina went on as though there had never been a boy at all. She was more aloof than ever, more the scouring maid than the midwife now that her lady’s progeny were all grown. She never spoke of a black-haired son called Reynolds.

It was when [the dog] “Pip” was discovered near the garden quite thoroughly deceased, chewed and gnarly, in fact, that the lord and lady began to question the safety of their warm weather home.

Swans from the lake were victims next, shredded to bloody ribbons.

Many assumed whatever wolf or forest cat was responsible for the carnage might also have been the author of the unspoken demise of the midwife’s son.

My dark, short, fantasy tale, THE MIDWIFE, has been published in  the May issue of "Bloodbond." The above is an exclusive excerpt. If you haven't guessed, the story involves a Sasquatch.

"Bloodbond" is available in print:

And in PDF:


Bloodbond May 2014 Contents

(short stories)
Soil Samples by David W. Landrum
Sex, Blood, and Whiskey by Eric Del Carlo
The Last Of His Kind by John Bruni
Symbiosis by Gary K. Shepherd
The Midwife by Sasha Janel McBrayer
Aeok’s Vision by Bill Sinyard
Necrotopia by Paul A. Dixon
Companion For The Night by Andrew S. Taylor

The Five Faces Of Dracula by Scott E. Green
Vampire by Bray McDonald
Meanwhile, On Kepler 62e by Francis W. Alexander
The Hungering Host by Richard H. Fay
A Quivering, Chilly Shell She Creates by Maura Gage Cavell
What Use Is Immortality by Francis W. Alexander
The Tokens by James Hartley
The Vampire King by Matthew Wilson

The Ancient One, review by Oliviu Craznic

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